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Beautifully arranged, organized, minimalist kitchen

Who we are

Arrange my Space is the solution for your organizing problems


Welcome to Arrange my Space!


My name is Heloisa and I come from a lovely farm family, in southeast Brazil. 

I came to Canada in 2002. I always had this adventurous spirit and I fell in love with Toronto and its beautiful, diverse lifestyle.


During one of my trips to Brazil, when I was helping my mom and my sister to organize their homes, the idea came to me: What if I took this enjoyment that I felt and turned it into a career in Canada? I had worked in many different jobs, but finally, I had found a career that I really enjoy, so I decided to pursue that!

Today I am a trained Professional Organizer and a member of the Association of Professional Organizers in Canada since 2014.


I have a lot of experience in my field and I have worked on countless projects - organizing, packing, and moving. It is always gratifying to see satisfied clients at the end of each project. 


I am organized, quiet and I like to keep things simple.


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we support Meagan's Walk charity for children's brain tumour research
Heloisa Braga, owner of Arrange my Space sitting in the minimalist kitchen

I am proudly part of the team of volunteers for Meagan's Walk. I contribute part of my proceeds to Meagan's Walk Fundraising. 


Funds raised through Meagan's Walk are directed to The Arthur and Sonia Labatt Brain Tumour Research Centre located at SickKids.

This is the only research facility in Canada dedicated to pediatric brain tumors, a leading cause of cancer-related death in young people under age 20. Donations to Meagan's Walk are receipted by SickKids Foundation. 

What we do

What we do


Do you want to have a neat space?

Have a home for all of your valuables?

Don't have time or patience for organizing?

Being organized doesn't mean the same for everybody and there is no right or wrong way to get there. 

What matters is what works for you.

Packing & Moving

Are you moving and don't know where to start?

Need help with packing & unpacking?

It's overwhelming.


It can be scary and exciting at the same time. When everything is planned and organized, with the right people taking care of the details for you, there is no need to worry.



Do you need help sorting things out?

Do you know what to do with your belongings?

Too many items that you don't want anymore?


You can start the de-cluttering process before you actually need to move.

Taking the next step will become much easier.



Is it time to sell your house?

Do you want the buyers to see the best of your home?

Do you want to get a better value on your property?

Staging your home means transforming it to appeal to your prospective buyers.

We create organizing systems that work for you in different  phases of your life

Free 1-hour assessment

Each project begins with a free 1-hour assessment that includes a tour around your space and a few questions in order for us to understand your needs.

How we work

Step by step we create a project that fits perfectly for you

Letter of agreement



Project tailored 

to your


Letter of agreement

Get to


There is nothing better than the feeling of accomplishment.  Our main goal is your satisfaction.

 We will put together a plan of work to attend your specific needs,  time frame, and budget.

A written contract +  confidentiality agreement will be presented at the first session, making sure that both parties are on the same page.

Let's roll up our sleeves! We are excited and ready to get started. 

Each project begins with a free 1-hour assessment that includes a tour around your space and a few questions in order for us to understand your needs.

Why get Organized?

Being organized is about finding a better way to live the life you want!

Why being organized is such a good thing?


Instill confidence


You can be more confident about yourself and your life when you have an organized space


Save time

Less time looking for lost items

More time doing things that matter the most


Increase productivity


You can be more productive by organizing and prioritizing your tasks 


Increase focus

Being organized will enable  you to focus more on what you want to achieve


Finances will be organized

Know what you have, and what you need, making all shopping more efficient.



Release stress

Associated with clutter and disorganization


More energy

 Being organized creates clarity which can provide you with enthusiasm and energy


You can choose the package that suits you better


4 hours     1 organizer     $ 220.00

6 hours     1 organizer     $ 330.00

4 hours     2 organizers    $ 440.00

6 hours     2 organizers    $ 660.00

Two Pair of Hands

4 hours     3 organizers    $ 660.00

6 hours     3 organizers    $ 990.00

Three of us

Arrange my Space assistants will be available for larger projects or tight timeline

We really appreciate referrals. We will reward you with a $55 gift certificate off home organizing services if the person you refer becomes a client!



Heloisa Braga

(647) 470 1462



Thanks! Message sent.

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